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the news, show he's innocent. out he comes. but that as you're about to see, isn't how it works in the 21st century america. ryan ferguson has been a preoccupation here at "dateline" for years. the prison here on no more victim's row, our familiar destination. >> it's been what, how many years? >> 40 years. >> tonight we'll show you the inside story of his long saga. and how he went from college student to convicted murderer to prisoner. and finally, to tourist in his own hometown. >> you recognize your town? >> i do recognize it. i've always wondered where this particular building over here was, you know. i see it on tv a lot. >> it's been a trip, all right. sort of trip that on the wrong night at the wrong place, could happen to almost anyone. this is the cautionary tale of what happened to him. >> easy to get convicted of something. >> absolutely. >> lard to get out again. >> incredibly difficult. >> the night back when it all began was a rare combination. halloween under a full moon. it was 2001. a college town. columbia, missouri. ryan ferguson and chuck erickson, both at 17, considera
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1